Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are you taking to ensure safety during COVID-19 PANDEMIC?

For the past few weeks, Providence Vintage Jewelry has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout the United States and we have been following guidance from the CDC and local health authorities to ensure we are taking the correct actions to safeguard our employees and customers’ health and well-being. Here are some steps we are taking to ensure we are being proactive with safety.

  1. Our daily cleaning procedures are already thorough, however we are taking extra time to sanitize our facility on a regular basis to ensure all surfaces are clean at all times.
  2. All packages will be shipped in a gift box avoiding wrapping items in plastic as the virus is believed to survive on plastic for 5 days.
  3. We have reduced our in-house staff and have limited handling of the package to one person to pick and pack the orders and one person to ship the orders. These are the only two people to handle our packages before they leave our building.

If you have any questions or special requests for your orders, please feel free to send your request along with your orders. As a small business, we appreciate your support through these unprecedented times. Together, we will make it through this.


Providence Vintage Jewelry


This ring looks brand new. Is this really a vintage item?

Yes! All of our jewelry is 100% vintage. All rings were hand crafted over 25 years ago, in our factory here in Providence Rhode Island. At the time these rings were produced, Providence was the jewelry capitol of the world, but due to changing times these rings became overstock when business slowed down all those years ago. So they got packaged and put into storage and have been sitting there ever since. So yes, they are brand-new in the sense that they have never been worn, but are completely real vintage and Made in the USA!

Does the plating wear over time?
All plated jewelry will wear over time. The best way to prolong this is by removing your rings while showering, washing your hands, applying lotion or hand sanitizer.

Will this jewelry turn my finger green?

There are various reasons why your jewelry may turn your skin green or black.

The ph level of our bodies on a particular day can cause your skin to discolor while wearing jewelry. This not only happens with fashion jewelry but will happen with precious metals such as gold, silver, or stainless steel. Having a stressful day will alter your ph levels. Different illnesses will also do the same. When you sweat, fats and fatty acids are released which can cause a reaction. This problem is worse in semi tropical locations and near the ocean where salt is in the air.

Many people will use clear nail polish on the inside of a ring or back of a necklace to prevent direct contact with the skin.


Can I return the jewelry if I don’t like it?
Yes! Any unworn merchandise you would like to return for a full refund or exchange must be sent back to Providence Vintage Jewelry within 30 business days of receipt of product. Items are eligible for an exchange for up to 30 days after the receipt of product. With your purchase, you will receive a "Providence Vintage Jewelry Return Slip" Please fill this slip out completely, and include it in your return package. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Thank you for your understanding! 

For any inquiries concerning returns or exchanges, please contact Customer Service
via email at info@providencevintagejewelry.com Or call 401-438-9060 and ask for
Providence Vintage Jewelry customer service.

What does “stamped” mean?
When a piece of jewelry is stamped HGE (heavy gold electroplated) this means the item is gold plated, not solid gold. 18k is 75% gold blended with other metals to create a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

What is “Electroplated”?
Electroplating is an older method of plating jewelry that is well known for its high-quality standards. Our jewelry was all electroplated here in RI and done by hand. Electroplating mixes 18k yellow or white gold with other high-quality metals and uses an electric current to create a beautiful, long-lasting coat over the core metals in the band to help protect the ring and keep it looking gorgeous for years to come.

Will you be getting in any more sizes that are currently unavailable?
Unfortunately we do not make this jewelry anymore. Once our items sell out, they’re
out. The sizes that are available, are the only sizes we carry.

Do you carry half sizes?
We do not carry any half size rings.

Can these rings be sized?
No, unfortunately plated jewelry of any type that has base metals in the core cannot be sized. This is because the metals in the core of the ring are softer than the gold on the outside, and would melt if cut and resized. 
But there are some tricks to make a size up work – we suggest applying a few coats of clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. It helps it fit more snugly while also helping to prolong the life of the plating… so it’s a win/win!

How do I clean my vintage Item?
We recommend a soft cloth to clean the rings. We do not recommend any jewelry.
cleaner or harsh chemicals to clean these rings as they may damage the plating.

What is Pinfire Opal apposed to Genuine Opal?
Pinfire Opal is a variation of Opal. It is created in a lab to ensure that sparkly, multi-dimensional shimmer that we all love while Genuine Opals are naturally occurring.

Is this a real ruby?
We do carry genuine stone rings. Most of the stones in our rings are Dyed Austrian Crystals. Any Genuine stones are labeled as that and are in our “Genuine Stones” category.

Will I be charged a sales tax on my vintage purchase?
We are required by law to charge state and local taxes for sales to residents of the state
of Rhode Island.